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Checking Email via a Web Browser
(Horde Mail Interface)

Connect to the WebMail interface. Usually this is reached by pointing your web browser to http://yourdomain/webmail/, where 'yourdomain' is the name of your domain (in this example it is yronbay.com). Note that the trailing slash here is critical - without it you'll receive an error page.

You should receive an initial login prompt. Enter your full email id as the user name.

You should then be presented with a selection menu of 2 different mail packages, horde and SquirrelMail. You may use either of these, although Horde is more popular as it is more Outlook like. Note that below the mail options are links which will let you change your password and set up forwarding and autoresponders.

The following images show a few examples of using the Horde mail interface. Upon selecting that option you will see the login for Horde Mail. Click on the 'Log in' button to proceed.

At the welcome screen, you'll notice a navigation bar along the left side. The little boxes with '+' signs in them indicate that they can be expanded to show submenus. Click on 'Inbox' to display your inbound mail queue. The number to the right of 'INBOX' (if present) indicates how many new messages are waiting.

Shown below is an example of an Inbox screen. To read a message simply click on the subject or 'From' id.
If you delete notes, they will simply appear with a strike-through line. To permanently delete (and free up your server disk space) you must click on 'Purge Deleted'.

Always be sure to log out of Horde when you are finished (note the command at the bottom of the lefthand navigation pane).

Example of reading a note:

To send a new email, click on the 'Compose' icon at the top of the screen. Here is an example of creating a new note:

Note 1: Use this area to add attachments to your note. Click the 'Browse' button to select the files on your pc you wish to attach. Then click the 'Attach' button to upload the files. The 'Message Composition' window will open in a new browser window and you may not notice this area at the bottom of the note. It may be necessary to use the scroll bar on the right side to move the window down to the Attachments area.

Note 2: This button will show the status of attached files. It is only functional once you have attached a file per the instructions under Note 1.

Horde summary

Horde logo

Horde is a full-featured e-mail application. The text below describes the main buttons in Horde and what they do. This is provided as a summary reference, and not a detailed description of how to use Horde. If you are not sure how to use some of the features, perhaps the Horde home page can help.

Horde functions (available from the top menu bar):

Additional Horde functions (available by expanding the 'Organizing' button in the lefthand navigation bar):